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Cecil Black Mediation and Family Law

Cecil Black has sensitively guided local and interstate families through the legal process for more than thirty years.

Property Settlements

Cecil Black can assist you at all stages of obtaining a property settlement.

Cecil Black Mediation and Family Law

Cecil Black has sensitively guided local and interstate families through the legal process for more than thirty years.

Mediation Services

We use creative problem solving in a way that you can reach your own agreement.


Artboard 1In recent years, more and more people have been using mediation as the best way of resolving their relationship disputes.

The mediation that Cecil Black provides is not in the form of therapeutic counselling, because he is a lawyer and not a psychologist, although he does understand the process of therapeutic counselling. Cecil Black can provide a way in which parties can come together for the common purpose of solving their dispute in a way that each of them can control the process and arrive at an outcome that suits each of them and their family.

Cecil Black can provide mediation in all issues where a relationship has broken down. There is a place for mediation in all relationships and that mediation can deal with:

  • How to make the relationship better and avoid a separation;
  • How the parties can better co-parent their children following a breakdown in that relationship; and
  • How to achieve a better financial settlement.

Some people do not want to separate their assets after a separation, and Cecil Black can assist you to achieve an outcome in some circumstances where property can be jointly managed even though the parties have separated, if that is going to be the best outcome for them.

There is no one outcome that fits everybody, and the wonderful aspect of mediation, is that people can make their own rules and they are not bound by the requirement to end their financial relationship which is likely to be outcome if they proceed by way of a Court-based result rather than something that they can manage and control themselves.

In the mediation process what Cecil Black as mediator can do for you, is to assist you and your partner to identify your respective needs and interests and to use creative problem solving in a way that you can reach your own agreement.

Even if the mediated agreement deals with only some of the issues that is generally regarded as a good outcome.

There are some matters which are not suitable for mediation, and Cecil Black can assist you to determine whether your matter would be better handled as a Court-based process or whether best outcome is for a mediation.

The Australian Mediation Association describes the advantages to mediation as follows:

  • It is affordable in that mediation costs considerably less than having a judge make orders that neither of you really want;
  • It is efficient in that the mediation process can usually settle the dispute within a few sessions. Most mediations conclude or settle within 30 days from commencing the process;
  • It is effective in that statistics show that mediation settles over 85% of initiated disputes;
  • It is informal in that the process of mediation is flexible and it is not necessary for you to have a lawyer to represent you during the process;
  • It is empowering in that the parties are directly engaged in the negotiation of their settlement. This is likely to enhance the continuation of relationship;
  • It is confidential in that if the mediation does not bring about a settlement, information disclosed during the mediation may not be used in the subsequent Court process unless the parties wish it.

Cecil Black has also assisted many people who wish to have their own lawyers in the mediation, and if parties wish to engage Cecil Black to conduct the mediation, he is very happy to do so.

The wonderful aspect about mediation is that it is outcome focused that is dealing with the interests of the parties and not process-focused.

No mediation is either too long or too short. It is certainly worthwhile trying.

If Cecil Black is engaged to conduct the mediation without the assistance of lawyers, he can also provide guidance to the parties in the finalisation of the agreement.

It is important to remember that once an agreement is reached, that agreement should be given some formality. That can come in the form of a parenting plan if that would be appropriate in relation to children or a consent order which is a process whereby a registrar of the Family Court makes the order which is binding upon the parties in the same way as if a judge has made a decision in a contested hearing.


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