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My dream Mum and Dad

My dream Mum and Dad

(Author unknown)

  1. They would let each other parent see us children as much and as often as they can.
  2. It would be great if mum and dad just got along – not even as friends would be ok.
  3. They would encourage us children to have a good time with the other parent.
  4. They would not swear at us children.
  5. They might punish us children a bit if we are naughty and that’s ok, but they would not hit us.
  6. They would appreciate and love us children by telling us so when we come and stay or call up and talk.
  7. They would try to create a home where us children would look forward to coming back and want to call them up.
  8. They would talk about parent things with each other and not talk to us children about parent things.
  9. They would swap or share birthdays and Christmases in a helpful way without getting angry at each other.
  10. They would keep their promises to us children.
  11. They would not bad mouth each other, particularly in front of us children.
  12. When they get angry with each other, it messes up their love for us. Hating each other makes it harder for us children.
  13. They would talk to all our teachers – maybe not together though.
  14. They would be really busy loving us children, not fighting over them. They would know that there is enough of us children to love and go round for everyone.
  15. They would each sit down with us children from time to time and ask us “How’s it going?” and “How can it be better?”
  16. Parent should have to go for a tune-up from time to time for being separated parents. How else do they know how they are doing?


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