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Property Settlements

Cecil Black can assist you at all stages of obtaining a property settlement.

Cecil Black Mediation and Family Law

Cecil Black has sensitively guided local and interstate families through the legal process for more than thirty years.

Mediation Services

We use creative problem solving in a way that you can reach your own agreement.

Orders Relating To Children

Many of the people who have a significant relationship with a child worry about the arrangements that are going to be made for the child following the breakdown of a relationship. This applies not only to parents and grandparents and other relatives but also those who have had a role in caring for the child, as a step parent or a step grandparent.

Many of those persons who are not a blood relative of those children often don’t have the knowledge that they too can maintain the role that they have had in the life of the child in happier times.

Cecil Black has the experience to be able to assist those persons as they grapple with the challenges of how to be able to spend more time with the child whom they have grown to love.

Cecil Black is also able to draw upon his experience as a parent and grandparent and can empathise with those people who are going through a troubled time in trying to maintain that relationship.

However too often, in the fallout of a broken relationship, those persons who once loved a child, lose child focus, and become more focused on trying to hurt the other person who used to be in the relationship. These people lose sight of the best interests of the child which is the paramount consideration in all areas of parent/child disputes. Cecil Black can help guide those people towards a better understanding of what’s in the best interests of a child.

One of the challenges in modern society is brought about by the mobility of parents and as a consequence, many parents in a broken relationship seek to relocate to the support of their own parents or to return to where they regard as home, or go to a place which has a more affordable living for them. Having spent many years working in the Northern Territory, Cecil Black has an understanding to assist parents in relocation disputes.

Cecil Black’s principal focus is to help those parents whether they are seeking to have more time with a child or seeking to restrict time to have a better understanding of what the law says in relation to the parenting matters and to guide them through these most difficult times.


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