Cecil Black Mediation and Family Law Property Settlements Cecil Black Mediation and Family Law Mediation Services

Cecil Black Mediation and Family Law

Cecil Black has sensitively guided local and interstate families through the legal process for thirty years.

Property Settlements

Cecil Black can assist you at all stages of obtaining a property settlement.

Cecil Black Mediation and Family Law

Cecil Black has sensitively guided local and interstate families through the legal process for thirty years.

Mediation Services

We use creative problem solving in a way that you can reach your own agreement.

Our Services

With expertise in family law and alternative dispute resolution, including same sex relationships, we can assist with:


Through mediation, we offer an informal and cost-effective way to resolve disputes without the need to unnecessarily spend money by going to Court, if at all possible.


During this difficult time we can relieve some pressure by preparing your divorce documents for you or assist you to prepare your own documents.

De-facto relationships / same sex relationships

Separation can be an emotionally challenging time for everyone. We can help you obtain a timely and suitable agreement for all parties involved.

Partner maintenance

Seeking maintenance or disputing a maintenance claim against you can be a stressful and overwhelming time. With our knowledge and experience we can help you obtain the right result.

Property settlements

When you are trying to resolve a property settlement, knowing what is a reasonable one can be hard. By managing this process for you we can alleviate the emotional strain associated with preparing your own documents and help you achieve a fair and equitable resolution.

Child and parenting issues

Upon separation, we can guide parents through a variety of arrangements for their children. By assisting with this emotionally challenging and demanding process we can help you make the right decisions for your children’s future.

Child support and maintenance

Whether you are the paying parent or the receiving parent, knowing how to secure the best outcome for your children requires a working knowledge of all aspects of the child support system. With our knowledge and experience we can guide you through this process.

Consent orders

We can assist with the preparation of consent orders to formalise agreements relating to the welfare of children, division of property or partner maintenance. Although consent orders can be done without legal counsel, we recommend you seek assistance to finalise an agreement because consent orders have the same legal effect as an order made after a Court hearing.

Domestic and family violence matters / restraining orders

Domestic and family violence includes behaviour that is physically or sexually abusive, or is emotionally or psychologically abusive, or is economically abusive, or is threatening, or is coercive, or in any other way that control shall dominate another person and cause that person to fear for his/her own safety or well-being or that of someone else. This can be by a person or a person formerly in an intimate personal relationship, or a family relationship or an informal care relationship.

We can work with you to resolve inappropriate behaviour towards you or where it is alleged to have been by you, including the making or defending of applications for protection orders.


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