Property Settlements

The biggest challenge in trying to resolve a property settlement without the assistance of a lawyer, is knowing what a likely outcome will be in the event that the matter has to go into Court.  Knowing what a reasonable proposition is, can be hard, but Cecil Black can assist you at all stages of obtaining a property settlement with confident and relevant advice delivered to you efficiently and in a cost-effective way.

It is necessary to understand what property and superannuation is available to the parties for distribution. Whilst this might seem a simple exercise, experience teaches that a careful eye needs to be had to be able to determine what property and superannuation exists, and to know how to deal with property and superannuation which has been removed from the pool. Then care has to be taken to identify its correct value.

It is also important to have a clear understanding of how to assess the respective contributions made by each of the parties to the acquisition, improvement and maintenance of that pool of superannuation and non-superannuation interests. Too often, there is a tendency to glide over the respective contributions particularly in a short relationship where that analysis is most important. Clients need to also understand that there are other ways in which the percentage of distribution of property to each of the parties can be maintained, enhanced, or reduced by other circumstances. Cecil Black has the experience and the capacity to be able to analyse how the final percentages are worked out.

Then it is necessary to craft an application that will provide justice and equity to the outcome.

It is often said that it is the little things that count in the determination of what a client considers to be a just and equitable determination, and Cecil Black can guide you in the understanding of not only the little things that the wider picture.

With his knowledge and experience, Cecil Black can help you to obtain the right result.

Whilst ultimately you have to decide what the right result is for you, by obtaining his expert advice, Cecil Black knows not only how to achieve the right outcome for you but the best way of going about it.


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