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Cecil Black Mediation and Family Law

Cecil Black has sensitively guided local and interstate families through the legal process for more than thirty years.

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Cecil Black can assist you at all stages of obtaining a property settlement.

Cecil Black Mediation and Family Law

Cecil Black has sensitively guided local and interstate families through the legal process for more than thirty years.

Mediation Services

We use creative problem solving in a way that you can reach your own agreement.

When is the best time to engage in mediation?

I want you to think about the difference between an issue and the cause of the issue.

This is a question set out in the first paragraph which is often put to me. Quite often the cause has been present in the relationship for a long time, the end result being that the issue which requires mediation becomes more difficult if the mediation is delayed. The result is that a successful outcome is more difficult to achieve.

In many family disputes, issues often arise during the Christmas break, when the parties are thrust together with all the hurly-burly surrounding the Christmas festive occasion, and arguments arise between them for a variety of reasons some of which in hindsight are quite insignificant. Prior to that, the parties have been co-existing instead of as a single unit that is at the core of successful relationships.

In many instances, the cause of the issues is not new and have been there for a long time. Sometimes there is the hope that the cause will go away, or sometimes it just doesn’t seem the right time to seek a resolution of that cause or on other times the parties whilst not dealing with the cause try to make the best that they can do with the cause continuing to exist. Often the cause subsides because of intervening circumstances, but in most instances the cause remains.

There will always be difficulty in the relationship until the cause is explored and decisions are made as to how to deal with that cause.

The longer that people delay commencing the process of mediation, the more likely that mediation will be difficult to achieve a result.

The process of mediation is all about achieving the best resolution of an issue, and there are many ways to achieve that resolution. Often relationship parties cannot discuss the cause. It is not unusual in the mediation for one party to say words to the effect that he/she did not know that the other person felt the way that person did.

In my work as a mediator I have developed a number of options which enable you to start the process immediately.

Now is that time!


If you would like to do so don’t hesitate please give me a no obligation call on 07 4723 4601 or contact me by email at cecil@cecilblack.com.au.


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